Text of an email a friend of mine sent to me. I swear, how DOES The American public just sit here and swallow this stuff? It's truly baffling.

I'm so glad the Republicans in Congress and our President just signed a massive new energy bill that provides subsides to these poor struggling petroleum companies that serve our public so well. Here's what I found in a 10-minute internet browse of corporate websites and their own earnings data for the 2nd Quarter of 2005…you know, when Americans saw the price of gas nearly double in a few months. Try to keep in mind that these figures are for NET EARNINGS (profits) and for a mere 90 days of operations:

ExxonMobil: $7.6 BILLION
Royal Dutch Shell: $4.6 BILLION
British Petroleum (BP): $3.9 BILLION
Chevron: $3.7 BILLION
Sunoco: $0.2 BILLION

So that's just 5 big oil companies (and Sunoco is far smaller than the others), and these guys recorded $20,000,000,000 in PROFIT in the last 3 months alone. And this is an industry that can't resist passing along 100% (if not more in the last week!) of the increasing price of crude directly to the public, hence weakening our overall economy by increasing travel, shipping and production costs in virtually all sectors of the economy. Nice job minding the store, W…..