The NFL starts one week from today and even with the Reds most recent surge (before its inevitable demise in Houston) my football juices started flowing earliery this month.

I wanted to put out an open invitation to anyone reading this forum to become a part of the Worm Memorial Football Pool. I do not profit from running this, but I love to see the membership increase because then the prize money becomes more impressive.

Last year, we set a new record with 71 members in the big game - and paid out more than $9000. It's very easy and doesn't take a lot of time because all you have to do is make one selection per week - you choose the game. Everything happens online - your picks, the standings, the weekly commentary, etc.

You can visit the site to see for yourself:

Beware, though: Once you join, you'll never leave. It's like The Firm.

P.S. Please feel free to submit any questions to me through e-mail: