Brett Favre and his family are on a mission to help hurricane victims in Mississippi. For them, the tragedy is a personal one.

Favre is a Mississippi native who grew up in Kiln, and the hurricane destroyed his home there.

Since then, Favre and his wife have opened the doors of their other home in Hattiesburg to relatives and friends victimized by the storm.

"Then there were friends of friends, and friends of those friends and they had a group of over 50 people at their house, and Deanna said to herself, man this would be something maybe I could do to help folks that are really in need," says Grant Goetsch, the Vice President of Wisconsin Aviation and one of Favre's pilots.

The Favre's have decided to extend their generosity beyond family and friends.

They're sending two of the quarterback's pilots to Hattiesburg Mississippi and deliver equipment to hurricane victims.

"Things like chainsaws, saws, extra chains, gloves, tarps, tents, things that are going to be need over a period of time to clean up the neighborhoods," says Goetsch.

Favre's pilots will make the trip to Hattiesburg on Sunday.

His family is now asking the community to help them fill a private jet with as many supplies as possible.

"All it takes is a couple things from each one of us and I think we can make a big significant change," says Goetsch.

Those who want to help can send donations to Wisconsin Aviation, located next to the Dane County Airport off of Highway 51.

The private jet may make more trips after Sunday depending on how many donations pour in.

For more information, contact Wisconsin Aviation at 268-5000 or click on "Links" on our website.