Although we've been somewhat successful since Junior hasn't played, it's obvious that teams have a better chance against us when he's on the bench.

In the last five games, with Freel playing a variety of positions and always in the leadoff position, we've won 3 of 5, but the lineup has become anemic.

Freel is 2-18 with 4 walks and 7 strikeouts.
Lopez is 4-19 with 4 walks and 8 strikeouts.
Dunn is 3-18 with 4 walks and only 3 strikeouts (stand out to anyone?)
Casey is 3-15 with 1 walk and one strikeout.
Pena is 4-12 with 0 walks and 4 strikeouts.

Freel is in a terrible slump, Lopez has been in one the better part of three weeks, Dunn is in a slump, Casey is slumping, but Pena seems to be hitting better, but loses playing time to just about anyone including rookies brought up and Ryan Freel.

I don't understand. I'm sorry. If you're going to play WMP, trade him to the American League, but don't let the kid sit on the bench at the expense of others who are borderline or infielders. The same could be said for Kearns.

Sorry for the rant.