I'm still trying to do some reseacrh on which is the best for music downloading. It's for my teenagers not me. My kids want to be able to burn them to CD's, and that seems to be the sticking point. Neither of my kids have iPods.

I tried the free trial on Yahoo's Unlimited Music, which allows you to use all their features, but when my son tried to burn songs to CD (which they say you can do), Yahoo tells them they don't have burn rights to that song.

So I cancelled that subscription.

I've looked into Rhapsody, which seems to be the most popular. But with my kids, that would get kinda expensive (.99/per download?).

Has anyone used this MYMusic?.... http://www.mymusicinc.com/cbhome.htm?hop=magick94

I read through this site, and they state that everything they provide is legal - including downloading, sharing, and burning. The have a "Legal" tab that lists some of the recent court rulings siding with file sharing over the record industry.

But I am still skeptical. They charge you a one-time fee.

It seems like it's like KazaaLite.