I didn't get to hear much of it on my way home from work but when I got in my car, Tim Naehring was railing about how guys aren't playing the game "The Right Way" when they get up to the majors and he said that the front office is not happy about it. Tim and DanO feel that the pitching in the low minors is starting to bear fruit. A caller asked them if they were going to stick with the "take 1 strike" and the tandem rotation in the low minors. DanO said the "take 1 strike" thing is misunderstood and it is not always like that. They just want the young hitters to develop patience at the plate and that's one of the ways they do that. They like the tandem system because they believe it helps prevent injuries and if a pitcher can't make it through his required innings without going over the pitch count then that pitcher needs to work on his command. They are high on Miguel Perez and said he picked about 15 guys off 1st this year. They aren't going to rush him and feel his bat will come around. They are also high on Denorfia and like his plate approach and believe he'll get a 2nd and 3rd look at the major league level.