Here on an "I believe" Friday....................

I believe all those folks who said it was premature to hand third base over to EE were absolutely correct. Sure we all love EE. How can you have animosity for a young guy who looks to be quiet, mild mannered, hard working etc..etc....and just trying to make it? You can't. However, I BELIEVE there is a group of people who were absolutely correct.

The book on EE is clearly (as some saw early on) that he has bat speed and will make enough contact but he has a big striding big swing which is engineered for hammering balls off of or over left field fences.

The big leagues is not the place for on the job training if it doesn't have to be. As plenty in the know have stated previously it is far easier to coach a guy how to pull inside pitches and add power to game than it is to teach a hitter to use the whole field. Old habits die hard. EE should be in the minors now and stay there until he becomes a hitter who can and will use all fields. This team does not need another Brandon Larson.

Furthermore though he is not BJ Upton in the field, he's far from solid. And you don't get extra points for throwing guys out at first from your knees.

Have a nice day. I believe that is all I have to say for now.

Chris Denorfria Fan Club President and Founder