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I agree and that's evidence that they're not there yet but isn't nice that they're now so talented that they don't have to play a perfect game to win?

Remember the saying "We're not good enough to win if we're making mistakes because our margin for error is so small"?

Well they're past that point now
Yep. Important thing is to get that stuff squared away ASAP.

Bengals ended the day having committed 17 penalties, a new franchise record.

How amazing, with so many inept performances in Bengal history, such a resounding victory is the one where they set their all-time penalty record!

The good thing about that is that it will ensure that these guys won't get complacent b/f Chicago next week. Marvin has got PLENTY to work on with these guys, and you can bet he'll be harping at them all to clean it up.

But yeah, to be able to basically shrug off such a huge amount of penalties and kick the Vikings butt so soundly is a credit to what Marvin has done with this team.