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The issue is how good is Culpepper? As of the 5th game of the year some folks were saying he was one of the best in the league. I argued, no he was one of the best but he's not any longer. Now we see they had a hard time finding any team to even take him. It tells me that the league agrees with me and they saw the same things I saw when I made those comments in October.
No it doesn't. The league does not agree with you. Things have changed since October. His value has actually decreased because of many factors (ie. continued poor play, injuries, and demanding of the trade).

I know you don't agree with me, but his value has changed dramatically. After the 5 games or whatever, I am willing to bet that many teams would have been willing to give him an opprtunity to improve, but after the difficulties he had after a full season his value decreased dramaticallly from before, since his chances of reverting back to career norms had decreased dramatically.