I want to see the spatula they used to flip this burger.


Hamburger Weighs More Than 62 Pounds

Serbs Create Giant Burger

POSTED: 2:20 pm EDT September 19, 2005
UPDATED: 2:27 pm EDT September 19, 2005
LESCOVAC, Serbia -- Serbia has the answer for anyone who has ever wished for a bigger burger. Slideshow: Hamburger Weighs More Than 62 Pounds
Cooks in Serbia Sunday put together a huge hamburger.By the time the pressing and processing was completed at the 16th barbecue competition in Leskovac, the monster hamburger patty weighed more than 62 pounds.A team of cooks then grilled the burger and served it up on a cornbread bun, and it was ready for the Guinness Book of Records.The team of cooks was particularly happy with this year's effort because their monster burger outweighed last year's effort by 2.5 pounds.