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Yeah, it's definitely a suprise last page (I'll not explain just in case folks who want to read it haven't). I read the lead-in minis (OMAC Project, Villians United, Day of Vengeance) except for the Rann-Thangar War (that one just didn't interest me). The last issue of Villians United was also particularly interesting (major surprise was revealed).
I'll read all of the trades when they come out. The Adam Strange mini (with the AWESOME Pazquel art) led directly into Rann-Thangar, so I'm for sure going to pick it up.

And if you get a chance to pick up Alex Ross' "Justice" mini, it's a great new take on some of the vintage DC villians (Riddler actually looks like a bad man). Fun stuff and, as always, great Alex Ross painted art.
While I thought both MARVELS and KINGDOM COME were awesome, Ross just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm not sure why either.