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I'm optimistic that the "52" series can shed light on Wayne's transformation. That being said, I wonder if the "kindler, gentler Batman" isn't a way for DC to create separation from the All Star universe (where Batman is an even bigger jerk than the regular iteration).
I'm debating on whether or not to get into the 52 series. I'm interested, but that's a decent amount of money to be spending on comic books. I may test the waters and see if I like it or not. I wonder how much the series will get into the "Big Three" and their time away. I was under the impression that it would focus largely on Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and some of the secondary heroes and leave the year-long absence of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to be explained in their own titles.

Oh, on All-Star Batman and Robin: I really want to like that series. At first I thought it might be a prequel to Miller's Dark Knight Returns, and while it may be, it's not any good. I flipped through them the other day and they just seem to sit in the car the whole time. Boring. Maybe that's one where I wait for the trade paperback because right now it isn't worth it. I like the idea that DC creates an answer to Marvel's Ultimate universe, but so far the Batman series isn't good and from what I hear the Superman series isn't great either.