My WR's have been dissapointing this year. I have D. Bennett, J. Smith, D. Givens, & K. Johnson. We start 2 WR's. I know I will keep Jimmy Smith in there becuase he has been the only one consistant the first three weeks of the season. I have been starting D. Bennett opposite of him but he isn't cutting it. Should I go with Bennett, Keyshawn, or Givens?

Bennett - Home vs. Indy
Keyshawn - @ Oakland
Givens - Home vs. San Diego

1 point per reception
1 point per 10 yards
6 points a TD

Keyshawn has been hit or miss the first three games but has 3 TD's and seems to have developed some chem. with Bledsoe. Bennett has been getting lots of looks but hasn't had a TD yet and has never meshed with McNair like he did with Volek. With Givens, it's hard to start a NE reciever because Brady spreads the ball out so much (I learned that with Branch last year), but he had a great game @ Pitt last week.

Help, I'm 1-2 and playing the only undefeated team this week.