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doc scott, do you know why votto does not play much? how is playing time distributed in the AFL?
Yes, I do. Apparently Votto is one of several Solar Sox players on the "taxi squad". Taxi squadders are available to play only on Wednesday and Saturday. Why it's Votto who's earned that designation (does he work part-time the other days?) and why taxi squads even exist, I have no idea.

Apparently the Reds wanted to send Votto (their best offensive prospect now that EdE's in the bigs) to the AFL to face some higher-level pitching, but didn't want to bump anyone else from their squad- you know, the future hammer closers, Jose Vidro Jr., Luke "Wild Thing" Hudson, a slap-hitting catcher who gets totally ignored by hype because of Miguel "Juan Bench" Perez, and the fourth outfielder auditionee.

I'm being mean. I root for everyone. I do. But why the Reds thought getting three to five at-bats a week was the best way for Joey to spend his offseason- I'm at a loss.