I just upgraded vBulletin (the forum software this site uses) to the latest version, which is more secure and has a LOT of new features. This upgrade is a significant one from the previous version that we were running. As a result, I will have to reinstall all the customized features that are not built in to the vB package (such as smilies in quick reply and some custom reputation components we had). Additionally, it should not be unexpected to see some broken links and quirky behavior (such as the quick reply submit button appearing twice). I will take care of all of this as soon as I can. It will take some time and right now, I'm off to the Bengals game to (hopefully) watch them go 4-0. In the meantime, the board should be functional, in that you can read and post without any major problems, but please bear with us until I can work out all the kinks of this massive upgrade.