Ok. I acknowledge that this kid is very, very talented and has been instrumental in the Bengal's success. I don't know if I'd put him the category of the "elite" yet, but he is very good.

But I'm sorry - I can't stand him simply because of his antics, his big mouth, his irrational emotional volatility, and "me me" attitude when he feels he's not getting the ball enough.

I watched him earlier in the year having an outburst with their offensive coordinator on the sidelines and waving off his teammates and headcoach Lewis when they tried to get him to settle down. He would have nothing to do with it.

Then there was the heated exchange between him and Palmer on the sidelines during the Jag game which was about him questioning Palmer's lack of effort to get the ball to him. I know others may say that wasn't what it was about - but that is exactly what it was about!

Some say he is just passionate about winning and really hates to lose. That may be true, but I'm beginning to think that is simply people making excuses for him. And that is still no reason for his antics and outbursts IMO.

This kid has a selfish, "me" attitude, just like his cousin Keyshawn, Owens, and Moss.

Johnson was hurt Sunday night, he said. He wanted to perform and to win in front of a national TV audience. He was as emotional as he had been since the Dallas game last Nov. 7. He wanted to impress his cousin, Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson, and when he had just eight catches for 74 yards, Chad Johnson grew frustrated.

"Last night, I felt like I wish I wasn't Chad Johnson," he said. "I wish I wasn't good. I swear to God.

Bengal fans have a talented young receiver down there. But I wonder how long it's going to be before his antics (just like some other elite receivers) grows old and becomes a disruption?

It's not about him - It's about the team.