Just got home from seeing the movie (yes, I am slow...). Fantastic. Very well done. As mentioned, more of Bond relying on his witts instead of a bunch of gizmos. I loved the blend of real emotions and classic Bond ego. Showed just enough human side to be endearing along with the icey cold killing. Very rich story combined with what you expect from the real bonds: good story, lots of his street smarts, beautiful women and beautiful sceenary.

The actions sceens were great. Classic bond. Relativley quick, decisive, fast paced...for a while the action sequences in previous movies became these 30 minute slug fests that left no room for a plot/story.

Nice mix of humor too. The two best lines are when he asks for the valet parking ticket when he wins the DB5 in the begining of the movie. The best line was when he was being tortured and says "the whole world will know you died scratching my....." well, you've seen the movie.

Very well done.