Time for the nominations.

The Categories from last year (any ideas for new categories this year?):

Most missed poster

Miss the daily Richard Hand expose on typing with both eyes closed? Wish Fox could still regale us with constant rumors from his unnamed baseball sources? Fiind yourself melancholy over the absense of a myriad of former posters? Who's missed most?

Best tag line

The tag line is that little thing at the bottom of some posts. No, not that little thing at the bottom; the other little thing. Who inspires best? Makes you laugh? Makes you scratch your head trying to decipher those in jokes that are sure to make sense if only you start licking toads.

Best Moniker

Like the understatement of princeton, that Ivy League professor of Reds-related knowledge? Or, Hey Kids! How about Krusty? Does one of the Teamsters make you think about things even before you read their posts? If so, show them you care!

Most Valuable Poster

Whose information do you read first, agree the most with, or disagree but read first anyway? Who finds things you'd never, ever get to read without their help? Who makes you think most?

Most Clever

Best use of poetry, tone, statistics, one-liners to get the point across. Who made a point this year that just made you stop whatever else you were doing and go "uh-huh".

Best Armchair GM

Who would you rather run the Reds than Jim Bowden? Who is the next Theo Epstein?

Best Trademeister

Who comes up with the best deals? Whether it be plausible or not, which of the ADD posters here entertains you with their constant tinkering with the Cincinnati roster?

Best Discussion

Which discussion throughout the year made you think the most? Made you turn to the most? Got the most response? Made you bang your head on the keyboard and curse the heavens because it came up so slow?

Worst Typist

Whether it be grammatical, misspellings, or unclear wording, who makes you scratch your head and wonder what they're taking?


Who makes you shoot milk through your nose everytime they post? Who makes you giggle even before you open their posts?

Best Use of Statistics

Which sabre-head helps you understand the game best?

Most Long-winded

Who can't ever shut up, even though you already get the point and wish they'd just stop, they just keep going and going and going, even though they've already gotten across everything they wanted to say they also go off onto other tangents like that time I was sittin in my car and suddenly I thought of a great trade involving Danny Jackson and a gorilla except this gorilla is like the gorilla in Congo and have you ever seen that movie it's really not bad... Nevermind.

Most Positive

Begging the pardon of Rosy Red here, who's the rosiest of us all? Whose glass is consantly half full?

Most Negative

Who is the eeyore?

Best Use of an Emoticon

Who deserves and for coming up with all the best of these little guys out of all us posters.


Who is the person most likely to give you the Junor Jersey off their back? Who makes you grin like a little kid?

Best Moderator

Who do you depend on the most? Which one of those guys seems to fix everything?

Best Chatter

Only those that have attended the chat room may vote in this highly contested award. (Haynes underwear will be given to the winner. But not Haynes' underwear.)

Most Off-Topic

I like potatoes!

And, I submit for new awards this year:

Best Newcomer

Who has joined Redszone in the last year and made a lasting impact? The Rookie of the Year.

Best Outsider

Favorite fan of a team other than the Reds

New Categories

The Marty Brennamen Award

Who does the best job of play by play during the game threads?

The Old Red Guard Award

We all know the post. What was the most memorable post of the last year? The one that really made you think, reminisce or stand up and cheer.

Best Historian

Who does the best job of bringing back yesterday when baseball was a game and those who played it were gods?

Lifetime Achievement Award

Who has provided the most to Redszone for the duration of their time spent here? Someone who has been around since the early days and hasn't skipped a beat. The Frank Sinatra of Redszone.

Most Tired Topic of the Year

What one topic showed up in about 300 threads a day? The one that you swore you would go postal on someone if you saw one more thread about it ever again.