Although I don't pay enough attention, here are a few that jump out at me.

Most missed poster

Holes in the memory banks, but the person who posted the old headlines occasionally. The this date in history stuff (did I read somewhere that it was TeamClark's father?) He may still be around, but I haven't seen those posts for a while.

Best tag line

Krono's quote of WOY: "Being a Reds fan sometimes makes me feel like I got mugged by a mime." I'm still trying to figure out what it means, but it feels right.

Best Moniker

CentralChamps05. Irony.

Most Valuable Poster

When I first started reading his posts, I thought SteelSD was rude and annoying. I'm finding now, though, that I am learning an incredible amount of stuff from his posts. Also, M2 and WOY. And a whole bunch of others. It's tough to name just one or two. Also tend to turn to RFS62's posts quickly, and enjoy many, many others.

Best Armchair GM

3/4 of the posters here? The three above would be a good start, but as to actually running the team, I'd lean toward M2, I think. At least I've been agreeing with his points a lot lately.

Best Trademeister

Is there really a choice here? There's only one Krusty.

Worst Typist

Pacman knows it's him.


Redslands reports make him come in a strong second, but Creek's overall tone wins this one.

Best Use of Statistics

Which sabre-head helps you understand the game best?

First reaction is Steel, but I read some really good stuff a day or two ago, and I can't remember where it was or who posted it.

Most Positive

CentralChamps05. If he hasn't given up hope for last year yet. . . .

Most Negative

Falls City Beer. But at least he enjoys it.

Best Discussion Really enjoyed the Hall of Fame threads, though I only got to vote on the last two. And although I don't see the best historian thing listed on what I cut and pasted, Cyclone and WOY, among others, provide great perspective on these threads.

Best Outsider


Best Moderator

Chip gets extra points for the Hot Stove League stuff


yeah, gotta go with the teamsters, but there are guys here who are nice also.

Overall, I kind of hate doing this since there are so many people I haven't mentioned. This is a first rate board, far above what I expected when I first went searching for a Reds board back in the Enquirer days.