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Or how about climbing up the side of a mountain to repair a TV line that some yahoo shot through with their shotgun. My dad ran up and down the side of a mountain to repair our TV line for many years. All that work for just three channels. He finally got tired of it, signed on to cable and I finally got to see what ABC was all about.
Not quite that bad here. It was usually Dad up on the roof turning the antenna slowly, Mom in the living room watching the screen, and me in the yard waiting to relay the message from Mom when the signal was good. That made for some humorous moments when the picture would be good but by the time Mom told me and I yelled up to Dad, he would have move it a little more and we would have to tell him to move it back. I never got cable until a few years ago when the Reds switched to FSN and they stopped showing the games on broadcast tv.