WASHINGTON -- Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said it's up to the government to prove that a levee wasn't bombed to flood poor black people out of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Farrakhan said he's heard that military explosives may have been used to blow a hole in the levee, resulting in what he said would amount to "mass murder."

Quoting the Bible and the Quran, The Rev. Farrakhan said he suspects there was a government conspiracy behind the New Orleans flooding, but is confident that God will reveal the truth.

Farrakhan spoke at a Washington news conference in advance of Saturday's Millions More March on the National Mall. It comes 10 years after the "Million Man March."

The event will feature prominent social justice advocates, members of Congress, hip-hop artists, civil rights activists, media pundits, academics and business leaders. Muslim and Christian religious figures also will participate.

Farrakhan said you should think of the Millions More march as more of the start of a movement, rather than a single event. The Nation of Islam leader says he hopes the weekend gathering will be part of a long-range effort to give more power to minorities.

Farrakhan said blacks are tired of begging others to do what blacks should be doing for themselves. There will be one big difference between 1995 march and Saturday’s event. The first excluded women but at this one, women are welcomed.