Most of us on this board have, at one time or another watched or at least heard of "Band Of Brothers". I was reading an article online that Major Dick Winters has been stricken with a pretty bad case of Parkinsons disease. He is now 86 years old, and not to sound doom and gloom here, but could very well be living some of the last days of his life.

So often when you read about Medal of Honor recipients, you hear of it being given posthumously. In WWII, then Lt. Winters was nominated for the MoH, but it was denied at the time because of some stupid policy that Ike came up with that said only one MoH would be awarded per division for the Normandy invasion.

I came upon an online petition site to where lobbying is going on to get Major Winters his due reward (Medal of Honor) for his leadership during the assault at Brecourt Manor during the Normandy invasion. It would be nice to see him receive this while he is still alive to be given the award.

I am going to paste a link in this thread, all I ask is that any one that would, to take the time and sign this petition.