I bought a refurbbed Sanyo 30" wide screen CRT Sunday when I read they were selling for $299 at value city. We got it and brought it home and got it up and running and it was working great.

The next day, I decided to use the component connectors (I have a DCT6200 motorola cable box) instead of the normal rca inputs and when I got everything back to normal, the tv began giving off a real annoying and obnoxious hum/buzz sound.

I found if I tilt the tv back (this thing aint light, ill tell you that) the sound would fade out but when level, would make the sound. I put my Patton DVD under the front (God bless that man, still serving his country....lol) and it would stay quite but eventually came back so I leveled it and it then went away again..

wash, rinse, repeat...

Any clues what the heck it is? Power supply? Tube going bad and need it repaired already?