Group votes to split public, private schools

Proposal 20, the controversial proposal that would keep public and private high school athletic teams in Kentucky from playing each other in the postseason, passed this afternoon at the annual meeting of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association's delegate assembly.

Delegates from schools across the state voted for the measure 195-78, giving it more than the two-thirds vote it needed.

It next goes to the Board of Control of the KHSAA tomorrow. The 18-member board will can recommend that it should be accepted or rejected by the Kentucky Board of Education.

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The Delegate Assembly of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association voted today to split public and private schools into separate championship play.

A two-thirds majority (184) of the 275 delegates in attendance at the meeting in downtown Lexington was needed for the public-private proposal to pass. The delegates voted 195-78 in favor of it.

The KHSAA has 282 member schools, 48 of which are private.

Today’s vote is just the first step in possibility restructuring the playoffs.

The KHSAA’s Board of Control will review the proposal and make a recommendation to the state Board of Education, which will then OK it, reject it or send it back to the KHSAA for more work.

There also is a chance the state legislature could get involved in settling the issue.

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