Redszone is introducing a new contest that all members are eligible to participate in. It's the Catch Krono contest. This contest will run for one month. Rules are as follows:

1. Post counts will be kept for each 24 hour period. Anyone logging more posts than Krono will receive 1 point for each post over Krono's total. So if Krono makes 20 posts and you make 30, you will get 10 points.

2. If you use more smilies than Krono does, you will get 1 point for each one you use over Krono's total.

3. Any member logging more posts than Krono over the entire month will receive 100 bonus points.

Points will be tallied and the top three point getters will receive prizes. If nobody scores any points, which is a distinct possibility, then the top three post counts besides Krono will get the prizes. The prizes are:

First Place: A new computer keyboard. If you post that much, you will need it.

Second Place: A DVD copy of the not yet televised debate between Joe Morgan and Bill James. This is the uncensored version.

Third Place: An autographed copy of WOY's Comprehensive History of Baseball. As soon as he writes it, you'll get the first copy.

This contest starts immediately. Good luck to everyone!