Mods, this, for the most part is a clean joke. But, if you feel that somebody will get offended by it please delete the thread.

Jim and Bob are two country boys from Oklahoma. One day they get the wise idea that they would like to go to college to further their education. Jim would be the first one to enroll. Jim doesn't quite know what classes he should take since he's been away from school awhile, so he goes to see the dean of admissions. The dean then suggests that Jim take Math, English, History, and Logic. Jim, being a naive country boy then asks the dean "Logic, What's that????" The dean then offers him this explanation: O.K. Jim, do you have a weedeater? Jim says "well, yes sir, I do". The dean then says "well, since you have a weedeater, logic would say that you also have a yard." Jim says "yes sir, I do". The dean says even further, "Logic further would say that since you have a yard, you also have a house". Jim says"yes, I do have a house". The dean further explains that since Jim has a house, he likely has a wife and kids. Jim says "I've been married 7 years and have two boys of my own". The dean then says to Jim "since you are married, logic says you are likely heterosexual also". Jim replies "why yes I am". To that, Jim came to the understanding of what Logic was.

The next day Jim saw Bob and talked to him about how he had enrolled in school the day before. He then went on to tell Bob that he was taking Math, English, History, and Logic.
Bob looked at Jim funny and asked "Logic, what the heck is that????"
Jim said "well Bob, it's like this: Do you have a weedeater"?
Bob then told Jim "well, no Jim, I don't"
Jim then said "well Bob, Logic says you must be queer".

I thought it was kind of funny. I hope nobody takes it out of context and gets angry with me about it.