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Well you're wrong.

USC is a good team, but they aren't a dominate team. They could have easily lost to Notre Dame (and probably did if you enforce the rules of the game) and could have last to Arizona State. They caught the breaks.

Texas could have easily lost to OSU. They won that game because OSU coudln't quite figure out how to win it despite being a better team and outplaying Texas. But they didn't lose..they caught the breaks.

Lets see you also asked me why I thought OSU could beat Texas, Penn State and USC. Well first let me say if those 3 games were to take place again they could be very good games. Overall however I think OSU is a better team. If both teams play well OSU wins. OSU lost to 2 of those 3 on a combination of playing poorly and being unlucky.

You also said because Georgia only beat Arkansas by a field goal they can't beat USC. Well using similar opponents is always a flawless way to determine who is a superior team.
Here we go:
Michigan State beat Notre Dame by 6.
USC beat Notre Dame by 3.
Clearly Michigan State is better than USC.
It's not that I don't see your point about the point spread. I just really hate when people say that to compare teams. If USC and Georgia (with DJ) played it would be a good game and I think Georgia would have a good shot at winning.

OSU's defense would keep the games close IMO. But our offense, when facing a true test, would not hold up.

It's gonna be interesting this weekend versus Northwestern. I think we'll win, because looking at NW schedule - ain't much there. But I want to see how their QB and RB (who was Mr Ohio) does against our "D".