The mods may want to move this thread to a different part of the site but I wanted to see if anyone could help my friend.

I'm a regular on this site and I thought many of you might find this interesting and decide to help. I hate to beg but I have a friend that was chosen as 1 of 15 finalists worldwide out of over 100,000 entries in the $1 million Body-for-Life Challenge . It is a 12 week program where you take a before picture, diet and exercise for 84 days, and take an after picture. They selected the 15 finalists based on who made the greatest transformation. Unfortunately the top 5 are determined via internet voting, so I'm asking for your help. If you would like to help him, go to . After viewing the pictures, find the link to and click there to vote. His name is Terry Tatum. Also, you can vote once per day until Nov. 11th. Below are his statistics after 12 weeks.
He lost 46 lbs, 13% body fat, 11.5 inches around his waist, and lowered his cholesterol 64 points.

You may be thinking "why do I want to help a guy that I don't know win a million dollars" but I'm hoping you'll recognize this as a great accomplishment and understand the determination and hard work that went into it and decide that this accomplishment deserves to be rewarded. Anyway, thanks for taking time to read this and I would appreciate whatever you can do to help him achieve this dream.

I thought this was pretty cool and maybe some of you regulars would help him out. a fair warning is that you have to register an account on the website but i have yet to get anything spammed on my email, so it is harmless.

thanks for any help!