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And as it turns out, an enlarged heart is exactly what got Guerrero.


Got to figure the Minneapolis coroner is running tox tests. If they find some sort of designer steroid in his system, and blown up as Eddie was it's hard to imagine they wouldn't, how does John McCain not drag the WWE in front of Congressional committees and demand the business clean itself up? Wrestlers openly flaunt their 'roids abuse, putting it on display for the world to see, and they play to a younger audience. Someone's got to rein them in.
While your point is well taken regarding the youth of america watching this stuff, i doubt the WWF , E whatever is going before congress anytime soon. I think part of the reason, a big part, why congress has gotten involved in Baseball, football, etc is that they are competitive sports. Pro Wrestling is a show, acting with athletics.

If Congress goea fter the WWE, it has to go after Hollywood, the music business, etc. I dont thik they want to go there (nor should they).