As an extremely early christmas present, my better half surprised me with a shiny new bass guitar when I got home this weekend.

I haven't picked up a bass in many years, since I had a few lean months in college and had to sell off just about everything that wasn't vital for survival, but I'd been talking about it for a few weeks since a new guitar store moved in right next door to her work. I used to play every day, and the last two nights of monkeying around with it brought back a slew of emotions and joy I used to get in playing.

She picked me up a Stagg BC300, which got pretty solid reviews from Harmony Central.

It's a thing of beauty - a really solid entry level guitar. Makes me long for my early 90's Fender P-Bass that I spent all those years on, but this will do just fine as I ease back into the world of music.

Just amazing how a few minutes plucking and I was able to jump into all the songs, riffs and lines I committed to memory and how much time and energy I put into playing.

So I'd like to know, are there any other guitar players around on Redszone?