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Does that mean that you believe Wily Mo Pena, Edwin Encarnacion and Brandon Claussen will turn out to be less successful than Jason LaRue, Aaron Boone and Brett Tomko? (all six players mentioned were prospects that were given significant roles for the ML team)
Or are you talking about the drafts for those years? For the sake of comparison, I think the bad years for Reds drafts were 1999-2002 (only yielding Ben Broussard- with hope for Joey Votto and Chris Denorfia). 2003 has turned out badly, but 2004 and 2005 still hold promise.
Really? 2004 holds promise? Do tell. Err, never mind, I'd rather not endure another Bailey stat-skewering. Which leaves this question: how can one player with an enormous "if" tag hanging around his neck qualify as a "promising" draft?

And please, please count me among the dubious of the 2005 draft. Bruce, Wood, the whole damn lot. Too young; they're like homunculi at this point.