So, I've spent 2 weeks doing research on building my own computer and I just got 2 of my 3 shipments in from for my "dream" rig that I ordered Monday. Ok, so my 3rd one will get here much for that 3-day shipping thing, but I can overlook that...just excited I get to build it this weekend.

So, I get off work at midnight tonight and rush home to open up my goodies and bask in all computer geekdom (well, as much as a 30 y.o. man can). I unpack the main box with the video card and such and have fun oooooohing and ahhhhing.

They shipped my case in the cases own box...taped up...good to go right? So i carefully peel the tape off and open the lid and then..............i see 8 thin boxes lined up inside, "hmmm....didnt know i had to assemble it...ok, no biggie...lets get to work!" I pull out one of the boxes.........."that's odd...why's it in a keyboard box?" I open up one of the 8 boxes.....and there is a logitech wired keyboard and mouse. "WTF!?!" So yeah, theres 8 keyboards and mice inside the case box. I'm amused, yet #$%^ FURIOUS.

So, when I call them tomorrow, I'm open to serious suggestions. I'm so pissed right now...I was actually taking 1/2 a day off tomorrow to build/install the new rig, but now, I'm case-less. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Suggestions on how to handle it?

I know the CSR is not at fault and I'm not going to be hostile on the phone. But they did ruin my plans for the weekend and I did spend $1500 at their would I be out-of-line assuming some solid compensation is due my way?