It's never too early to start talking about the Draft!!!

I say our 1st round pick should be either a DT or SS, whichever one is the best. Whichever one of those you don't take in 1st, that's what you take in 2nd.

3rd: Tightend; I saw a boy from USC, looked AWESOME! Anybody got any info on him? Any other top-flite TE's who will be draft-eligible?

4th: I say take another Defensive lineman, a DE. There should be some quality available at this point. (maybe switch picks 3 & 4 depending on personnell available A BEAST)

After that, I say draft Safeties further to be back-ups and special teamers. No offense to this current bunch of safeties but they needs ta go.

Obviously, if a superstar playing outside these positions falls in our laps at some point, you throw the list out the window and take them but this draft, as I envision, would definitely help solidify the areas that need the most help.