Really, there are so many of these we should just have a Chad Johnson forum


So a friend of mine was at Best Buy on Saturday, only to fortuitously stand behind Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals in the check-out line. What is even funnier than my sackless goat of a friend's hesitance to say hello was the fact that the retail clerk was utterly oblivious to the identity of the person in her check-out line. After scanning Chad Johnson's items and after he handed her his credit card, she replied, "Oh, Mr. Johnson, you haven't signed the back of your card. I'll need to see your ID." Chad Johnson handed her his driver's license (a Florida driver's license; no doubt for the nice tax benefit that comes with Florida citizenship), and the clerk responded, "Florida, huh? What are you doing up here?" To which Chad cheekily responded, "Working at McDonald's."

The only response from the retail clerk: "That's cool."