Well, seeing as though we are now officially down to T-24 hours and counting....There happens to be a basketball game being played here tomorrow in our little downtown arena that I thought might draw a little interest on this board. Okay, you got me--I really just wanted to chat with WilyMoRocks.

Anyway, the talk around here is that UK will play "newly inspired" ball due to the recent announcement that Randolph Morris will be freed from indenture on January 10th. I predict that the suspension decision will have the opposite effect. In other words, somebody who is currently starting will soon be riding the bench. That person is gonna do all that he can to make Tubby's benching decision far more difficult. Translation: An already selfish UK team may start dining on each other's flesh in order to secure a starting position (I am staring in your general direction, Joe Crawford ).

Yes, Tubby has enjoyed a full week off since Indiana, but that wasn't the kinda game I would have wanted a long layoff after (even without finals taking place). I expect that by the end of the game, most of the UK players will appear as though they suffer from Emphysema.

My prediction: When it matters most, Louisville hits their free throws and Kentucky does not. Coach Teener avenges the ghost of Patrick Sparks and comes out with narrow 4 point victory, 78-74.