First and foremost: Thanks to Old Right hander for putting me at the 200 rep points recently (and to everybody else who had a hand in it).

Now on to the main course. When BossHog and company decided to do this rep point system a while back, I was not a big fan of it. Now, after seeing the results it is clear that the quality of the posts has dramatically became better. I try to be more concientous and courteous of the posts that I make, and it appears that most everyone else is doing the same.

Now for my gripe that I have, and this mostly applies to the baseball forums but I wasn't sure if I should put the thread on those boards or not.

A lot of times I see posts where a person suggests trading Player X for Player Y with good intention. It never fails that somewhere along the line you will see some kind of sarcasm posted like "in other news Hell just froze over".

Is this really necessary?????????? If you don't agree with the trade, then why not articulate why you don't and we can have a reasonable debate as to why?????

This board seems to have a pretty good split between those who know how to decipher all of the stats and those who don't (like me). Instead of being sarcastic with a poster because they lack the same knowledge of all the acronyms that you do, why not just impart some of that knowledge to them???

I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, just an area that I see where a great forum can be made even better. Boss and all the admins and mods do a very professional job with this board and I just see this as a way of policing ourselves and making their jobs much easier.