This thread is for those who want to drown your sorrows in telling us how you got knocked out of the playoffs.

I was 3rd in total points in my league facing a guy I had beaten twice already. Well, I had been playing Pittsburgh's defense all year and they had been solid all year until the past few weeks. For some reason, Seattle's defense was on waivers. They had been spectacular lately and were playing a bad offense in Tennessee. Pitt was going up against an above average offense on a hot streak and Pitt's defense hadn't been playing well the last few weeks. Over the previous 3 weeks in our league, Seattle had outscored PItt 68-14. I thought it was a no brainer. Well, as it turned out Seattle had their lowest point total of the entire season and Pittsburgh had their highest. The difference was 18 stinkin' points. It was the difference in the game. It was the only time, other than the bye, when I didn't start Pittsburgh.

Even still, I had a 24 point cushion coming into MNF and he had Todd Heap and Derrick Mason. They had scored 24+ points exactly twic in 14 weeks. So wouldn't you know it, Heap goes out and has his best week of the season and their combined scores were easily their highest of the year.

Unreal. I've madee the playoffs 4 straight years in this league (12 teams) and I've won one playoff game. This same guy knocked me out two years ago in similar fashion. I had outscored his team 9 of 14 weeks coming into this week.