Macro's thread inspired me

What about a Christmas/Birthday or any day gift you received as a child or adult that you weren't sure about or thrilled with but ended up surprising yourself with how much you actually liked it and/or used it?!

Mine has to be an "Easy Bake Oven" . I was a Tom boy from birth I think. Yes I asked for it but only because everyone had one so I thought I need one also (I usually asked for race tracks, remote control stuff and stretch armstrong). Opened it, said Thank you and threw it aside. A few weeks later I took it out of the box to give it a try. I ended up loving the thing!! I made the little mixes as fast as I could get them. TB always saved me a little cake or cookie batter when she baked. I tried all kinds of things in it. Even came in handy a year or two latter when those "Shrinky dink" things came out. I played with that oven for years!!!

To this day...I LOVE to bake

As an has to be my son