I heard someone talking about listening to Rome, so I decided to see what his show was like. I have listened a couple times this week and have come to the conclusion that he is one of the most overrated sports people on radio or tv. He shows a complete lack of regard for any sports that aren't in the mainstream, to the point of making disparaging or ill informed comments about them. Here are a couple examples I heard this week.

The other day someone called in and wanted to talk about the upcoming World Cup and the US team's chances. He blew that caller off pretty fast and then made a couple comments about how midfielders set up strikers and then went on to basically say that nobody gives a flip about soccer anyway, so he doesn't want to talk about it on his show. Now I'm not a big soccer fanatic, but that caller was sincere and he was essentially treated with a total lack of respect because he wanted to talk about a sport that isn't one of Rome's favorites.

Now today he brought up something about a yacht team that hit a whale in a practice session. He then went on to make some smart comments about how ridiculous it is to hit a whale and he couldn't figure out how a bunch of guys in a boat didn't see it to avoid it. Has this idiot ever been in a sailboat on a rough patch of water where the darn whale might be just underneath the water and completely out of sight? I haven't either, but at least I know better than to be overly critical about sports I don't have much of a clue about.

Those are just two examples. I have heard a few others as well. I think I'm going to get up and change the station now. I'll turn it back there when Lance comes on.