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I'm starting to wonder if someone upstairs hates Cincinnati sports. When Palmer went down I thought of Kenyon Martin going down in 2000.
Wow! So did I and even said as much to those I was watching with.

And, yet another perception... it didn't look to me like he was blocked into Palmer. He was crawling toward him and wrapped his arm around one leg. Any player worth his salt knows that kind of "tackle" will badly hurt someone.

There was also a costly non-call of pass interference (T.J. I think). The guy was all over him and it wasn't called; even one of the comentators mentioned it. They didn't miss it when the Bengals did it in the endzone though.

An unsportsmanlike conduct call against the Bengals for "pushing" after the player was out of bounds was also bogus, especially when the Steelers did the same thing later in the game and it wasn't called.