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You're right--from that angle (from the Bengals' site--which was not CBS's replay angle, which is what I was going on) Kimo's even more guilty--he dove RIGHT AT Palmer's knee with NO help from the OL--merely a brush of the hand on the ass. From that angle it looks EVEN MORE intentional. Wow. That was a flat-out clipping. I was willing to give Kimo some benefit of the doubt, that part of the problem might have been that he lost his balance. But no way--the dude flew like Superman into Palmer's knee. Freaking egregious.
Whatever. First you try to tell me that Kimo pulled a spin move, and now Kimo "flew" into him. Yeah. Offensive lineman didn't have anything to do with where he went. Right.

300-pound defensive lineman drives full force ahead while attempting to get to the QB. Offensive lineman applies force, then releases right hand (throwing Kimo off balance), turns him into Palmer, and with left hand continues to push him off balance toward Palmer- resulting in unavoidable contact with the QB's leg during his follow-through. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to push someone off-balance when they're already off-balance, but it sure as heck doesn't require a ton of force.

Quit acting as if Kimo flew unabated into Palmer with reckless abandon while striking him with full intent well after he'd released the ball. Just like the phantom spin move, the helmet spearing, and leg twisting I heard about earlier, that just didn't happen. It's unfortunate that Kimo's path to Palmer was affected by an offensive lineman who must not have known where Palmer was. But unfortunate is as far as this one goes.