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The OL had NOTHING to do with Kimo's angle of attack. Nothing. Erase the O lineman from that film and Kimo spears Palmer's knee from the side unaided. Period. Malicious? Who cares? I don't know. Intentionally low hit (late is debatable, that much I agree with you about)? God yes.
When you drive full force into an object that resists you and said object releases one side of your body while still engaging your other, you're most likely going to fall off-balance to the released side, particularly if you're a 300-pound guy who's not trained in ballet...or ninjitsu. At that point, little force is required to aid you in falling further off-balance.

The offensive lineman had a TON to do with where Kimo went and how he got there. Erase the offensive lineman, and Kimo smacks Palmer sooner and higher.