The Boston Red Sox have made a "pretty good offer" to the Baltimore Orioles for disgruntled shortstop Miguel Tejada, the Boston Globe reported Thursday, citing an unnamed source close to the talks.

The Red Sox, who first offered outfielder Manny Ramirez for Tejada, sweetened the talks by also adding right-hander Matt Clement, the Globe reported.

Ramirez would have to approve any trade, and the Orioles management is concerned about trading Tejada within the division, the Globe reported

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block, however, is that Ramirez and Clement are due $22 million more in guaranteed money than Tejada, the newspaper reported. Ramirez is set to receive $57 million over three seasons, Clement $19.25 million over two, and Tejada $48 million over four, the Globe reported.

The Orioles' near agreement with 36-year-old outfielder Jeromy Burnitz could also scuttle the deal because Baltimore won't have as big a need for Ramirez.

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