You guys better respond to this or I'm going to be out on this ledge all by myself.

Okay- here are some bands or artists that I have liked but now look back in shame upon myself for having done so:

Survivor (I stood outside in the freezing cold in Dayton [Hara Arena?] and paid $50 in 1985 to see them open for REO Speedwagon. I wore out "Vital Signs," "Eye of the Tiger," and "Caught in the Game.")

REO Speedwagon (It was a great double bill, and "Hi Infidelity" ruled my school)

Journey- I grew up on a farm in eastern Cincy- I didn't know any better.

Styx- See Journey.

Starship- (It was after Kantner and everyone left, so double shame)

Hanson (it's bad enough I'm admitting it, do I have to say why?)

Honorable mention:

You couldn't have found a bigger Phil Collins, Rick Springfield, or Bryan Adams fan than me in the early 1980s. I even liked Lionel Richie for a time, but I think I did because this really cute girl I had a crush on did, too. No excuse?