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Today was a very weird day for me. My softball game got cancelled,
and my mom picked me up from school which never happens. It was a
good thing she did though. When she picked me up I asked her if she
would ride my best friend home. She said yes but we have to stop by
Krogers and get some peanut butter first. My brother had asked her
to get some. Well me and my friend went into Kroger at about 4:00
and was looking for the peanut butter. When we got in line my friend
Pam said my mom wanted detergent too, but I didn't here my mom say
that so I told her to wait in line while I went out and asked my mom
if she wanted that too. Well I went and asked and she said all she
wanted was peanut butter. So instead of trying to squeeze between
the carts and the wall I decided to go down to the closest closed
register and cutting through. Well when I began to cut through I saw
a tall man and I looked up and stared for like 5 seconds which may
not seem like long but it was to be staring at someone. Well I
rushed back to my friend and said OH MY GOD tell me that isn't Aaron
Boone and she looked and said no, but she was looking at the wrong
person. When she saw the man I was talking about her eyes got really
big and she said it is! We didn't want to make a scene by jumping
out of line so we decided to go out to my mom and wait for him in the
car. When we saw him come out we just rode around the parking lot
until we were pretty close to him and said hey aaron and he said hey
and we drove off. It was crazy! He was at the Kroger in Bellevue
Kentucky right next to Newport where I live!! He was wearing a black
pullover and a red hat. He was wearing some black, white, and red
nikes. I have some sort of sad, but happy for him news, he was with
a girl. She looked about 23-25 and had blonde hair about 3 inches
past her shoulders and was skinny. I was happy to see him with
someone and not by hiself, but it still sort of broke my heart even
though I know I have no chance with him. It was a wonderful
experience and I am glad things turned out the way they did. Does
anyone know what Kroger I am talking about?