Hey all,

Just doing my normal recruiting early in the year. I believe I posted some here early last year and got a few people.

But anyway, I have a team in the NKABL (Northern Kentucky Amateur Baseball League) this year (same as last), and I am looking to pick up about 3-4 more players.

I am looking for:

1. Pitchers
2. Catchers
3. Outfielders

1, being the biggest demand, and 3, being my least demand.

If anyone is interested, it's an amateur/semi-pro league. We usually have a lot of ex-professional players in the league. Pretty fun to play in (if we have enough games). I believe even Scott Wiggins (ex-Yankee) played this last year and another ex-Minor Leaguer from the Rangers as well. The year before, Xavier's homerun record holder played.

If you're interested, drop me a line in e-mail - rob.dicken@gmail.com - and I will give you more details, such as cost, days we play, etc.