Right. Apparently I've been co-opted, or some other word (context, people! It's the key to pretending you have a good vocabulary ) into posting this thread, so here we (the "royal" we) go:

You are cordially invited to the Official, One-of-a-Kind, Super Duper RedsZone Baseball Spectacular!!!!11!!1!

What: A weekend jam-packed with Reds baseball, pub-crawling, and... well, I dunno, I get kinda hazy after the pub-crawling part (but I'm sure it was fun).

Where: Cincinnati, obviously. Or "The Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area," if you prefer.

When:: Memorial Day Weekend, 2006. Last year we had people flying into town as early as Thursday afternoon; most cats cut out sometime on Sunday.

Why: Watch the Reds lose! Catch a Milton HR ball or three (or five, or whatever)! See certain female members of this board whose names I will not mention get all googily-eyed over Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns and Matt Belisle (is he even still with the team?)! Get drunk with Puffy and Yours Truly! Buy Krono an apple juice! Funnel your money into my local economy! It'll be great!

Who: Well, you, obviously.

Seriously, though - we did this last year and it was a blast. People coming in from all over, hanging out, drinking beer (a lot of beer), taking over Tracy Jones' mic on the after-game radio show, mocking Sammy Sosa, drinking more beer, and then there was the whole escort service thing. Meet, face-to-face, people who you've been posting with all these years and buy them a beer. Buy me one, too.

Oh, right, there were a couple of Reds games somewhere in there, too.

Post on this thread if you're planning on coming; for those who made the trip last year and are coming again, post your hotel ideas - do we want to decide on a "Hotel of Record" this year? And we need to decide on a treasurer to get the group package tickets again.