Great posts, Cyclone and Steel. I agree wholeheartedly. The continued incompetency of this team and its front office is mind blowing.

The point Steel made about continually pushing back the date when this team will be competitive is a good one. I remember, back in 1997, being told that the team was having to go "younger and cheaper" to rebuild the franchise. That was 9 years ago, and still the closest the Reds came to making the playoffs was in 1999, when they got career years out of guys like Steve Parris and Ron Villone.

From the insights of peopl ehere, it's apparent that the reds plan is...well, there really isn't a plan. Not to be competitive, anyway. Needs aren't addressed. prospects are rushed and not allowed to properly develop. The farm system is in shambles. The team has shown a complete inability to properly evaluate major league talent. And though the jury is still out, the O'brien regime appears woefully inadequate at being able to draft and produce quality younger players.

We don't know what Castellini will bring to the table--be it better or worse than the current Lindner regime. But i will say this: If Mr. Castellini looks at O'Brien's track record since joining the team, and qualifies it as anything other than an abysmal failure, then this franchise is doomed for the forseeable future.