We got a letter in the mail (through the school) that my 7th grader was one of the "few" recognized by USAA for Excellence in Social Studies and eligible to apply for one of their scholarships. Also they would do a press release with the local paper and his profile would be included in a yearbook. The catch is we have to pay for the yearbook and also we could get family members (grandma, aunts, etc) to buy it too.

My son was excited to "be selected". Apparently local teachers submit names around the country.

I'm skeptical about these things and I recognize it as a scam. Has anyone else gotten one of these letters and do you think it's in bad taste to prey on children and parents emotions of winning something "pretigious" when it really a marketing scam?

USAA is not affliated with the insurance/bank out of San Antonio. This USAA is set up out of Lexington, KY.