This off-season has been far the most perplexing of the DanO tenure. So much so I am beginning to question his sanity.

I liked his Balfour signing until someone pointed out that he had labrum and cuff surgery on Sept 30. I didn't know that, I knew he missed 05 with TJ surgery. As Will Carroll said there are no comps for what Balfour will try to recover from. So we sign a guy to a one year deal who seems unlikely to pitch in that year and even if he can it is likley he will only be a shadow of his former self.

The most pressing problems for the Reds going into the off-season were pitching and OF defense. Neither has been addressed. If the Reds were smart they were try to acquire a now expandable Matos from the O's for very little.

I got the Hardball Times 2006 annual and BTW it is really good. Reminds me of the old Bill James Abstracts only better because they have a lot of different writers providing input.

There was a discussion of balls in play with park factors. BTW, GABP is the worst stadium in the league to hit a GB. The outcomes of GBs have a better result for the defense in GABP than any other major league. However, FBs are a bad thing at GABP for a pitcher. Now I realize DanO doesn't know the actual numbers but ignorance is not an excuse. The comment by the writer on GABP was "find ground ball pitchers". Also noted from the annual that the 2005 Reds had the worst OF defense in baseball.

I have no idea what to make of his collecting utility IFs at a dizzying rate. It almost seems as if his goal is to collect players with little value(or none) and no upside. All of this while not addressing the real issues with the team.

Jan 19 and pink slips for Allen, DanO and possibly Narron can't come fast enough.